Informational Videos

Why can’t families access ABA therapy through Medicaid?

This video shares what is specifically the barrier in accessing ABA therapy within Medicaid coverage.  Discussion includes:

  • What specifically is stopping families from accessing ABA?
  • How is ABA provided in commercial health insurance?
  • How is this impacting the families?

Patient Protections - Does my Medicaid-eligible child have patient protections? Yes! 

This video shares information about patient protections families can use to advocate for the care their loved one has been prescribed. Discussion topics include:

  •  How ABA therapy is authorized with an insurer.
  •  Medicaid’s Federal Patient Protection Mandate - EPSDT
  •  Federal Parity Law Patient Protection – MHPAEA (Ma-Pe-Aw)
  •  What does all this mean for my child?

Families share challenges and what can they do next? File an Appeal with Medicaid. 

This video describes the access challenges families have shared and what they can to advocate for their child. Discussion includes:

  • What are the three buckets of access challenges?
  • Which access challenge is your family facing?
  • What can you do about the challenge?
  • Step by step instructions on how to file an appeal with your managed care plan.