About Us

Illinois Autism Insurance Coalition

The Coalition brings together the collective strength of like-minded practitioner organizations coming together to improve the landscape of private and public reimbursable insurance services for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other conditions, including applied behavior analysis (ABA), to those served in the State of Illinois. Working alongside our Regional Response Partners including advocacy organizations and families, the Coalition receives feedback and data from around the state.

Our Purpose

Building Parity, Access & Capacity!


Ensure access to prescribed treatments for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities and mental health disorders including applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech therapy and other treatment modalities.

Be a resource for health insurance and public systems for autism treatments to consumers, employers, insurance carriers, providers, government, advocates, and educators.

Provide educational training to parents and stakeholders about accessing ABA and other treatments through insurance and public systems.

Collect data from individuals of all ages and all stakeholders of successes and challenges accessing prescribed treatments.

Impact public policy decisions in state regulations, laws, and funding that support building service capacity to meet the autism community needs.

Coalition Leadership

The Coalition Participants have pooled funds together to hire Root Consulting, LLC to implement goals set by the Coalition and manage the Coalition. The Coalition is not a formalized association or legal entity.


Thank you to the many wonderful behavioral health provider organizations providing funding to support the Coalition. See Coalition Participants 

We are so appreciative to all our Regional Response Partners and Families providing feedback to the Coalition on what they are experiencing in their area of the state.


After attending the Autism Law Summit for many years and speaking with providers and advocates, Marla Root believed having an entity that is a hub or clearinghouse for access  information was needed to support dissemination of information to stakeholders.


Marla Root is the principal owner of Root Consulting. Her twenty-one year old son Eli, has severe autism and severe intellectual disability. Marla has been a consumer of services, an administrator for a large, CARF accredited mental health center serving the autism population and is an advocate. The Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities awarded her the 2010 advocate of the year. She also spent time as the Public Policy Chair for the Autism Society of Ohio for many years.