Illinois Autism Insurance Coalition

Resources related to accessing intensive behavioral treatments, such as ABA , for autism, developmental disabilities and mental health disorders for all stakeholders: individuals with ASD/DD/MH and their families, employers, insurance carriers, legislators, providers, government, regulators, advocates and educators.

Illinois Health Plan Types

Recent additions of new health plan types in Illinois expands the number of plan types sold in Illinois to 17 in five categories types.

In Illinois, benefits for autism treatments are fragmented and it is important to understand the different types of health insurance plans sold in Illinois, which has changed just in the past year. On the chart below, you will see the five different types of health plans sold in Illinois and who regulates the plans. Once you know the type of health plan you have, go to the Am I Covered? tab and learn where autism treatment benefits can be found.

Click to enlarge chart. 

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