Illinois Autism Insurance Coalition

Resources related to accessing intensive behavioral treatments, such as ABA , for autism, developmental disabilities and mental health disorders for all stakeholders: individuals with ASD/DD/MH and their families, employers, insurance carriers, legislators, providers, government, regulators, advocates and educators.

Financial Supports for Co-Pays

Below is a list of financial assistance supports families can apply for to help fund out of pocket cost for treatment.

United Children’s Foundation – anyone can apply on any insurance carrier. Generous financial requirements.

Chicago Autism Network – our mission is to strengthen the local autism community by helping those in need find and afford effective autism therapy and supports.

Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) – The Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program pays health insurance premiums for some clients who have high medical expenses, primary insurance through private health insurance and secondary public medical insurance (Medicaid) insurance. The health insurance the client is eligible for must be cost-effective. The insurance can be available directly to the client or through someone else, such as a parent. The client may or may not be currently enrolled in the health plan.

The Autism Hero Project seeks to improve the lives of children with autism, people otherwise on the autism spectrum, and their families through providing financial assistance for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapeutic services, helping others understand autism-related needs in everyday life, and promoting more than just awareness among communities. We strive to create a world of inclusion,
where ALL means ALL.



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