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Resources related to accessing intensive behavioral treatments, such as ABA , for autism, developmental disabilities and mental health disorders for all stakeholders: individuals with ASD/DD/MH and their families, employers, insurance carriers, legislators, providers, government, regulators, advocates and educators.

Public Policy Initiatives

New Medicaid ABA Benefit coming January 1, 2020, Please provide public comment by October 19, 2019.

Learn more information about the proposed benefit here: Blog Post

Here is a Sample Email Format For Families to provide Public Comment families can use to provide feedback to DHFS.

Send your feedback to the following E-mail address: 

Reach out today and Educate!  Call, Email or Grab a cup of coffee in your district! How do I find my legislators?

HB2710: Illinois Behavior Analyst Licensing Act

Currently, behavior analyst are not licensed by the state of Illinois. Licensure is important to ensure consumer protection through the state verifying the behavior analyst licensure and ongoing continuing education and offering a way for individuals and families to file a complaint if needed.  Also, Illinois health insurers are wanting a way to verify credentials through a state system. 

How can you help?

Please contact your state representative and ask them to support HB2710 Illinois Behavior Analyst Licensing Act. Call or email your state representative and request to schedule a phone call or in-person meeting in your district.

Find your representative! They are home through September so it’s a perfect time! How do I find my legislators? Don’t know what to say? Here are helpful templates.

Let us know how it went! Contact the Coalition and share!

Links for more information:
HB 2710 Full Bill Language
Check out the state legislature committee where HB2710 is currently, including Committee Members
The Illinois Association for Behavior Analysis (ILABA)
Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)
The Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA)

Please consider sharing the outcomes from your discussions with Marla Root at the Illinois Autism Insurance Coalition by calling 614.565.5765 or through our website.



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